Muslim Woman Will Kill Herself in One Week

From the time Padina was 4 years old, she followed every rule of Islam in an attempt to grow closer to Allah. But Padina could never reach Allah. “I never felt peace,” she said. “I would cry for hours to Allah, saying, ‘I am so far from you. I can never go into your presence.'” She felt depressed and hopeless.
So she made a plan to end her suffering. She and her terminally ill mother would take pills, turn on the gas in the kitchen and enter the presence of Allah as honored Muslims.
As Padina started to turn on the gas, she heard her mother’s TV in the living room. The words of a Pastor on an illegal Christian satellite program grabbed her attention: “Why do you want to kill yourself tonight? Our God is so powerful that he can change your life. Give Jesus one week!”
Repulsed, Padina came up with a plan. “I will pretend to invite Jesus for one week in my life,” Padina thought. “I can embarrass Jesus and embarrass Christianity for the false religion that it is.
In one week, I will call this television program and kill myself live on the program. That will disgrace the God of the infidels.”

Inspirational and beautiful. What for a wonderful Lord we have. God bless the persecuted Church all over the world, but especially in Muslim-majority countries. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” – Jesus Christ

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What does Tat have to say about The Qur’an


I wanted to know how you think about jihad because that concept is unique to Islam. There is no equivalent among followers of Jesus and I really don’t think there is among Jews though in those days there were conquests and they, the Jews were conquered many times in their history.

You asked me to read the Qur’an. I have already read much of the Qur’an. I have been reading it for the last two years. I have about 4 copies of it in different translations right here. As I said in my Authenticity of the Bible for Muslims series, it reads very differently from the Greek and Hebrew scriptures.

There are many great admonitions in there. The call to holiness is fantastic. Muslims live clean and upright and are to be commended for that. Yet, I am baffled by the seeming contorted concept of sin;in that, it is not a sin if only committed in the heart or if not discovered by an authority as sin.

True Christians have a very explicit understanding of sin. Sins are both acts and thoughts. but that is a subject for another day.

I don’t think you received a good understanding of the person of Jesus. He is wonderful, He is Savior, He is Lord and deserves worship because, unlike the claims of so many today, he is the God-Man. He is not just humanity. He took on flesh but existed eternally with the Father and Spirit. Also He is the bestower of grace with a capital G. One cannot understand the grace of God apart from Him.

The journey with Jesus starts at His cross. He did go there–well documented–biblical and secular. And as John Yoder says, “…at the cross is the man who loves his enemies, the man whose righteousness is greater than that of the Pharisees, who being rich became poor, who gives his robe to those who took his cloak, who prays for those who despitefully use him.” He as a suffering servant was an example for all of humanity whether considered a prophet or not, Ah, but he is so much more.

In addition to the Hebrew and Greek, I love Biblical archaeology. Did you know that no archaeological discovery has ever brought into question any history of civilizations in the Bible?

I took on the study of Biblical archaeology to show to myself that the writing of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures are accurate. They have proved themselves over and over. I’ve also pursued the historical Jesus and researched and evaluated His claims. I would not say that I am through with any of these because archaeological discoveries are being made every day. But, based on what I have studied thus far, I have found the Bible(Hebrew and Greek) to be absolutely reliable. Jesus has proven Himself over and over, in my own life, my wife’s life and in hundreds of people around me.

I have been a follower of Jesus a long time but Jay, a new friend of mine, has not. He came to our church with his fiance. He told me that when he first came he was floored–“these people are all fake, they can’t be as happy as they appear or claim to be.” Today, Jay follows Jesus, has real joy, and he understands what all these people around him understood before.

So, just like Jay, a person must submist to and come to know Jesus as the Lord God and the Savior from sin. It is impossible to know the joy that He gives without knowing him in this way. AND, how to know Him is described in detail in the New Testament.

Following Jesus is liberating and freeing. There is no law to follow, there is only grace from Him which then gives the motivation to willingly obey Him. Law is easy, grace is difficult. Law is binding, while grace is liberating. It is not an easy life but it has been and will continue to be so rewarding. I don’t assume that other people have an unrewarding or unfulfilling life–no. But, since I worship, serve and submit to The God, I feel my life is the best one I could have been given or ever lived. Jesus said that He is the giver of life. He has certainly given richly to me and I am not disappointed.

I hope you can say something similar about your submission to Allah.

Have a great day!