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I find that people deeply long for that things that bring them significance.   I have found the only way to achieve significance, meaning and purpose is through submission to God.   Submission gives me peace and purpose and I can now see  Him as the ultimate lover of my soul.

We all have to admit that we have weaknesses and failures.  The following link discusses the issue: The Problem of Sin.

Muslims and others avoid the Bible  because they have been told over and over that the Bible is corrupt.   However, from the mouth of the Prophet, so to speak, the Authority of the Bible.     Specifically, the New Testament (Greek scriptures) claim to come from God –has it changed? Click here to find out.    There will be more to come on this but we can not look at a supplement to the real issues on the Archaeology of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Next, one needs to come to God on God’s terms.   Here we look at his provision for rescuing us.

I wrote a friend a long defense on why I follow the path of submission through Jesus Christ, click here.  After that story you might enjoy the testimony of Sultan Muhammad P. Khan. Next, you might also enjoy quotes from he and J. A. Sabhan, click here.

Didn’t you always want to know,  is Jesus God?   Then, follow on with a real analysis of the events surrounding His resurrection.

After all this you may be wondering how did all of this begin?

So glad you are here.  Comment or get in touch if you have questions: jpound777 at


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